Hanwool KimManagement Team / CEO


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    Lolozem Inc.

    About Company

    Lolozem providing realistic content on a virtual showroom using AR-based mixed reality (MR).
    With Lolozem's platform, realistic AR content can be created and displayed in a virtual showroom. Simply put, we create AR content and virtual showroom service. Once the product is converted to AR content, it is shown in the virtual showroom.
    Using our AR rendering engine, we can produce realistic content that implements exactly as it appears in real life. These products can be provided as an AR product that can be worn virtually on the brand website, and we can also display the product through our platform.

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    AR, MR, Commerce

  • Head Line

    - 2017. 03 Established Lolozem Inc.
    - 2018. 05 Jewelry AR virtual try-on service open(iOS, Android)
    - 2019. 06 Swarovski Adore offline service contract signed (B2B service MVP provided)
    - 2019. 06 Taiwan, Jujury License, Software Service Use Agreement
    - 2020. 03 JESTINA Jewelry AR service use contract
    - 2020.11 US, Shopify Jewelry Virtual Try-on Plug-in Development and Partner Registration
    - 2020.12 API development for Annadecoration plants and AR camera function development
    - 2021. 04 Virtual try-on and virtual placement AR integrated solution launched
    - 2021. 06 3D AR virtual deployment and 2D fashion virtual try-on service business development

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