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    Extend Media – XR
    The development of Streaming media and Interactive media is heading towards a fusion/complex that wants more participation. We divided it into the field called Extend media. We are preparing more strategies for the balance of the right technology and how to deliver the original purpose of the content so that we can not repeat the wrong precedent of VR and AR by facing non-face-to-face technology that communicates space.

    Streaming Media - VFX, CG
    We've been doing it the longest, and we can get a clear result. After verifying scenario analysis for optimal production environment with intuitive Pre-Visual, the most efficient pipeline for the entire CG - VFX process is constructed. And then provides a stable production process and optimal results.

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    CG/VFX, XR, AR, VR

  • Head Line

    2021 Establishment of Corporate Technology Research Institute

    2020.10 Venture Business Registration

    2020.07 LG Electronics Digital Human AI Character Development

    2020.06 Development of Realistic Contents of Jinju Pterosaur Museum
    -TVN Drama "Gumihojeon" VFX

    2020.05 6.25 Department of Defense VR/AR Realistic Content Production

    2020.04 Ministry of Science and ICT RAPA 5G Selection of overseas production business for realistic contents
    2020.03 Production of Realistic Content on the Korean Peninsula

    2020.02 LGU+ Smart School AR/VR Education Business Contract
    -Freebiz production using animation "Golden Panda" real-time engine

    2019.01 Morpac Studio Virtual Studio R&D Production Contract
    -SKT Jump AR Digital Character Production

    2009.04 Establishment of a corporation

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