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    Techvillage Co., Ltd.

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    VR Rehabilitation Treatment Solution RehabWare

    "RehabWare" is a fully immersed VR rehabilitation and training solution for recovering exercise and cognitive functions of patients with brain lesions such as dementia, stroke, and Parkinson's disease, and preventing disabilities of the elderly.
    We would like to meet UK start-up investors and experts related to medical device certification and delivery.

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    AR, VR, XR

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    - 2017.06 Tech Village Corporation Start-up

    - 2017.06 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Seoul National University Hospital for the Application of VR Technology to Rehabilitation Medical Field

    - 2018.03 Rehabilitation Solution Rehab Ware for Stroke Patients to Recover Exercise

    - 2019.12 Awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT (VR Rehabilitation Solution for Dementia Prevention and Management)

    - 2020.02 Manchester Metropolitan University startup office space Innospace decided to move in and establish a local subsidiary.

    - 2020.04 Selected New SW Product Grand Prize Winner of the Minister of Science and ICT Award for "RehabWare" Products in April 2020

    - 2020.05 KT and Remote VR Rehabilitation Treatment Healthcare Content Development and Application Business Agreement for Medical Institutions

    - 2020.12 Korea SW Quality Award for Excellence

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