Sunggeun ChOIVR Design / CEO

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    Digital Brick is a small company that started three years ago. The Great Adventure Series of Cookies made with VR is a content that experiences the problem of environmental destruction, and it is a work that can be enjoyed by all ages. The heavy subjects such as human body exploration, marine waste, air pollution, and global warming are casually solved by combining videos and games from the perspective of cookies.

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    Web Ani, VR, AR

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    2018. 3 -- Digital brick Start-up
    2019. 2 -- Cookie's Human Exploration VR
    2019. 5 -- Bubibuba- WebAni
    2019. 12 -- Cookie's Sea Exploration VR
    2021. 6 -- Cookies and Dark Dust VR
    2021. -- Cookies and Antarctic Exploration VR in Production

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