MoonHo MinCEO

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    Awesomepia Inc.

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    Awesomepia provides innovative digital content through advanced VR/AR/ICT technologies.
    We recently developed the XR telescope 'BORA' and installed it in DMZ observatory in Paju(Dora). We're also developing a virtual tourism-oriented Metaverse platform in line with the coming era of Metaverse.
    Our goal is to connect the 'BORA' to a live metaverse platform to let users enjoy an immersive virtual tour experience at home.
    Awesomepia is looking for investors to help us achieve the above goals.

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    VR, AR Contents Development

  • Head Line

    - 2015. 03. Establishment of Awesomepia Inc.
    - 2016. 03. Korea Telecom Contract
    - 2017. 03. Gangwon Province, <2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics AR Augmented Reality Promotion Content> 'Pyeongchang GOGO'
    - 2017. 07. Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs 300 device development and delivery.
    - 2017. 07. Seoul Hi-Seoul Brand Company / 2017 Korea Leading Company Award (Technology Innovation Grand Prize). VR/AR)
    - 2019. 01. Certification of Excellent Technology Evaluation (T-4)
    - 2019. 07. Paradise Cultural Foundation,
    - 2020. 03. Patent registration No. 10-2092735 'How to provide augmented reality contents to observatory telescopes'

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