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    AroundEffect Inc. is a production company that produces its own IP, contents 'The Headers' after its establishment in 2019.
    Currently, we are producing ARVR contents of 'The Heads', TV series, OTT animation, and etc.
    Based on the production content, we are going to lead the globalization of the animation industry by growing 'The Headers' into a global character.

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    Mobile AR Games

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    - 2019 March 15, Around Effect Corporation Start-up
    - 2019 VRCore Awards(China, Shanghai) selected as exhibition company
    - 2019 Global IR Conference(UK, London) selected as a participant company
    - 2020 KidScreen Summit(U.S, Miami) selected as a participant company
    - 2020 MIP TV (France, Cannes) selected as KOCCA participant company

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