Dongseok SONGbusiness department / CEO

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    NOVATECH Co,. Ltd.

    About Company

    Novatech Co., Ltd., established in 2015, has a capital of 200 million won, sales of 3 billion won, and 32 employees.
    It is a small but strong company selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

    We are engaged in the development of digital twin, smart factory (MES), metaverse, and virtual augmented reality.
    The VR content developed by Novatech is 'VR Manual'.
    Various industrial equipment, industrial field control panel, construction vehicle, etc., which are various kinds of operation equipment necessary for industry, are expensive equipment that require professional education. The VR manual is a comprehensive VR manual that allows VR HMD to explain, operate, and experience these high-priced equipment in three dimensions in the VR environment.

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    Business Field

    VR, AR, XR

  • Head Line

    - Development of VR simulator contents for nuclear decommissioning
    - XR flagship project in 'shipbuilding and offshore field'

    - Development of VR manual contents for chemical control vehicle
    - Smelting plant scaffolding safety experience VR content

    - Chemical factory safety experience VR content
    - Development of VR simulator for high-altitude work vehicle driving

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